Øyhovden Trading AS is a Norwegian trading company with an aim to trade castings and other industrial products. As a trading company our goal is to be of use and help to other industrial enterprises in Norway and Europe by sourcing and finding good alternative productional facilities able to deliver quality products at reasonable prices and according to our customers needs and specifications.

We can offer:
Trading and sourcing. Whenever companies may need alternative solutions to achieve or regain reasonable profit on a product, we can assist by finding cheap but quality-wise good solutions through our sourcing.
– we seek to find the right producer to your needs
– our subsuppliers have full quality control in all segments of production
– we have many years of experience in cast iron production
– we have long experience in import and transport logistics

We have the ability to:
– be of assistance to YOUR company in the search for competetive advantages
– guarantee good and correct quality
– be YOUR local link to an external production facility
– guarantee delivery at a confirmed date
– give YOU lower costs

Our background:
Øyhovden Trading AS is based upon two Norwegian cast iron foundries named Furnes Jernstøperi AS and Hamjern AS. These two foundries have through close to 120 years been producing cast iron goods situated in the Norwegian county of Hedmark.
When our mother- and sister companies a few years back felt the cost pressure on many of their products, Øyhovden Trading AS was set up to attend to external productional sourcing. We have through many years now built good relationships with large production facilities extensively in China and India, and even some European countries – like Poland – can be the choice for production. This enables us to provide quality products at very competitive prices. Our major growth in recent years underline this fact.
As per today we are large suppliers of street castings to Furnes Jernstøperi AS, but even other companies in our industrial group have had great use of the subsuppliers we can present: Munck Cranes AS in Bergen is another large customer to our products.
This practice has been extended to also include customers outside our own group. To external customers we then provide sourcing when needed, however; in given cases our own locally placed foundries in Hamar or Stange may very well be the best choice for production.

We are also the distributor and stockist of products in the popular Hamjern Design series. These are products like benches and flower urns for the beautifying of gardens and parks.